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3 Simple Ways to Offer an Exceptional Customer Experience

Posted by Jessica Thomaschefsky on Nov 30, 2017 2:00:06 PM

Today’s consumers are not as interested in what you’re selling, but how you can help them find exactly what they’re looking for. Many expect their relationship with their jeweler to be more than just the value of their purchase.

With the busiest time of year upon us, it’s easy to overlook what might be the most important part of the sale — the customer experience.

The expectation of exceptional service is even greater for luxury retailers. It’s the experience that will get customers talking about you and coming back.

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Q&A: What's the Best Holiday Security for Jewelry Businesses?

Posted by Logan Moore on Nov 8, 2017 8:58:23 AM

If you don't have questions about how to improve the security at your business, that's not a comforting sign — especially before holiday shopping ramps up.

With technology transforming the world of safes, alarms, surveillance systems, and other essential physical and electronic security features, there's plenty for jewelers to ponder. Couple that with how to improve procedural security by educating staff and there's an abundance to consider.

When it comes to asking questions, jewelers who attended the Holiday Security for Jewelry Businesses webinar shared some thoughts that you may have wondered about, too. So, if you're not sure where to start improving your security, their questions may help get you thinking about potential weaknesses in your current program.

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Topics: Holidays, Safety & Security, Videos & Webinars

Holiday Security for Jewelry Businesses: Webinar Recap

Posted by Logan Moore on Oct 27, 2017 8:05:00 AM

A lapse in security at any point during the year creates unnecessary risk for your jewelry business. Given the impact holiday shopping has on your year-end results, weaknesses in your security program become even more dangerous.

That's why David Sexton, vice president of loss prevention at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, covered four areas jewelers need to focus on in the webinar Holiday Security for Jewelry Businesses

These topics include:

  • Hiring — why it's important to screen, interview, and select applicants to find the best candidate and avoid potential lawsuits

  • Staff education — the importance of sharing procedural security advice that everyone needs to know

  • Internal theft — how to prevent it and mitigate your liability if a situation occurs

  • Security — reviewing elements of your physical and electronic security, such as: safes, showcases, guards, access control systems, surveillance cameras, and alarms
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Topics: Holidays, Safety & Security, Videos & Webinars

3 Jewelry Store Security Features to Review Before the Holidays

Posted by Logan Moore on Oct 18, 2017 7:35:00 AM

Would you feel comfortable running your business without a working alarm system? Regardless of what time of the year that question is asked, the answer should always be, "No!"

The holiday season makes it even more important to have optimal physical and electronic security in place to keep your business protected. It's no secret that jewelers hold more inventory during this time of the year, so criminals have even more reason to increase their activity.

To optimize your jewelry store security, the focus has often been on improving these six features:

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Topics: Safety & Security, alarms, Surveillance cameras, Security guards

How to Educate Your Staff on Jewelry Store Security for the Holidays

Posted by Logan Moore on Oct 11, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Whether you have new employees joining your business for the holidays or have a crew of seasoned veterans, a complete review of your security procedures is essential this time of the year.

With jewelry in high demand during the gift-giving season, the risk of loss also increases. To minimize the risk, it's important that your entire staff knows how to sell with security before customer traffic increases.

Although there's still lots of preparation that goes into completing another successful year, taking time to review jewelry store security is essential. Use this resource and piece of advice to help educate your staff efficiently and effectively.

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Topics: Safety & Security, Staff Procedures

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