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Build loyalty. Mention Jewelers Mutual as an option to protect jewelry.

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Jewelry Insurance Brochure

Jewelry Insurance Brochures

Easily raise awareness* of insurance by putting information directly in the hands of your customers with these personal jewelry insurance brochures.

May be ordered with or without a folder. Order brochure holder separately.

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom Brochures

The jewelry you sell might be one-of-a-kind and it certainly has a special meaning to your customers.

Make sure they know how to safeguard it from loss, damage, theft, or disappearance with our Pearls of Wisdom brochure.

Order brochure holder separately.

Platinum Points Brochure

Platinum Points Program Brochures

As a Platinum Points program jeweler, hand your customer a personal jewelry insurance* brochure with your unique jeweler code printed inside. When your customer views their no-obligation quote, you earn points. Must have jeweler ID to order.

May be ordered with or without a folder.

*Jewelers are not licensed insurance agents and cannot sell or offer advice about insurance coverage.

Personal jewelry insurance not available in Quebec.